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Ron Ward, Attorney at Law

“Cathy Moore's well-rounded experience and commitment to justice will benefit the Superior Court bench and all King County residents.  She will make an excellent King County Superior Court Judge.”

-- Ron Ward, former president of the Washington State Bar Association

"Moore has the right combination of experience as a judge, lawyer, and advocate to serve on the court,..."

The Stranger endorsement, July 12, 2016

 "Exceptionally Well-Qualified” 

Portrait of Catharine Moore, candidate for King County Superior Court Judge Postion #44

For too many people, the promise of 'justice for all' is out of reach. I ask for your vote for King County Superior Court Judge to change that. Please join me in the effort to make justice for all a reality! 

The Experience We Need

Justice for All!

Cathy has a passion for justice. She has always fought to make justice accessible and fair. She has provided thousands of hours of free legal representation to those unable to afford an attorney. She developed a new funding source to continue free legal services for people who could not afford an attorney. She expanded the human rights recognized by the City of Seattle to include social and economic rights, such as the right to housing and healthcare.

Cathy knows that unequal access, bias, and racial disparity are undermining the fair and impartial administration of justice. She knows that judges are guardians of justice. They have a responsibility to ensure that the courts are accessible, fair, and equitable for everyone. If elected, Cathy will ensure access, equity, and fairness in the court. Please support her in the effort to make justice for all a reality in King County Superior Court!

The Issues

King County Superior Court needs judges with experience in family, juvenile, and mental illness law. It also needs judges with experience in problem-solving courts, such as Drug Court and Family Treatment Court. Finally, the court needs judges with trial experience. Cathy has all three.

The numbers of family, juvenile, and mental illness cases coming before the court have greatly increased, while the numbers of criminal and complex civil cases have declined. The court is grappling with issues of family breakdown, drug addiction, mental illness, and youth-at-risk. These kinds of cases are not best addressed in a normal courtroom. Instead, the King County Superior Court has created problem-solving courts, such as Drug Court and Family Treatment Court, which focus on getting people back on their feet, rather than punishing them. The court has also begun to use alternatives to incarceration such as restorative justice, a move that Cathy strongly supports.


Cathy has experience with the kinds of cases facing the court. As a judge and commissioner pro tem for 6 years in King County Superior Court, Cathy presided in family, juvenile, and mental illness courts. As a former Drug Court judge with the Lummi Nation Tribal Court, she presided in treatment court. As an administrative law judge with the Office of Administrative Hearings, she heard case after case involving unrepresented individuals. With close to 8 years of judicial experience, six of those years serving as a judge/commissioner pro tem in King County Superior Court, and the rest as an administrative law judge and tribal court judge, she is an experienced judicial officer.

Cathy will bring both traditional trial and treatment court skills to her work as a judge on the King County Superior Court. She will also bring experience as a mediator and restorative justice facilitator. Finally, she will bring 10 years of litigation experience as a former public defender, family law attorney, and consumer rights attorney.

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